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Islamabad- a musical city

How many people would know, Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is full of musicians; whoever enters your house turns out to be musician.  “We are going through horrific times in Pakistan but in the middle of all this chaos and … Continue reading

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Mengal’s 6 points

I had a very interesting discussion on the breakfast table with T today. It was over Akhtar Mengal’s 6 points on Balochistan.  Sardar Akhtar Mengak is former Balochistan Chief Minister. He was in exile and recently returned and now heads … Continue reading

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Live conversion on Pakistani TV channel

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, different networks try to attract viewers with special shows, as the TV ratings war in Pakistan intensifies. Controversial religious broadcaster and former politician Aamir Liaqat is back on Pakistan’s leading network Geo TV and risqué entertainer and … Continue reading

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Zainab AlKhawaja – a prisoner of conscience

The 27 year old Bahraini cyber activist was arrested last Saturday by the police as she was protesting against the Formula 1 race and demanding the release of her father. This is not the first time she has protested or … Continue reading

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I google hundered of things, words, sites but I never thought about google-ing my name. I have been indifferent about my name Annie. I know each and every detail of my name.  And since my childhood I am a lil … Continue reading

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my world has changed

Love gardens are smaller now. Don’t they? I questioned Javed Y-zai, a friend from my university days. He looked back and replied calmly, “you have seen bigger places that is why this looks smaller to you now”. I noded “yes” … Continue reading

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I went throuh my album of Sorag-e-Zameen and felt like flying back there. Beautiful faces and spacious hearts, Habib Jalib, Abid Mir and Siraj…Jogizai girls and Quetta, I miss them all. Sitting on a big comfortable chair in an air-conditioned … Continue reading

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