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Tahirul Qadri  media campaign
To Ihsan ullah Ihsan & Taliban apologists,
On Saturday morning on my way to Germany, I got the press release of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) via email. It was sent ( i hope written also) by Ihsan ullah Ihsan, central spokesman of TTP. I usually don’t have a habit of reading all the junk I receive on daily basis. This junk consists of normally the write-ups and articles sent from pseudo names or written by struggling star reporters in some foreign media without naming the names. Somehow, I read the press release of TTP. I think I was lost in transition.
The first line or the headline “The PR” was an eye catcher and I realized I read it all in just one go.
The length of the PR is perfect. Just two paragraphs, precise and to the point. First paragraph headline “Arrival of a Foreign Actor in Pakistan” intrigued me.I am surprised to see the use of some terms like “business commercials” and “foreign actor” (sounds like Hollywood actor or dajjal ki wapsi). What intrigued me more is the concept of business commercials used by TTP. To tell you the truth, I was also amazed to see the amount of money spent on the media campaign of Tahirul Qadri’s rally,”Siyasat nahi Riyasat Bachao”. I also wondered for a few seconds, who is the sponsor and within seconds concluded that it is “He, who shouldn’t be named’. Who else it could be? There is just one power in Pakistan that can do anything, anywhere and all the machinery from media to bureaucracy will be functional and sportive of them. It is not difficult to know all this in Pakistan and sponsored rallies like these are not unique to the land of pure. Slogan is also stale, not innovative.

One thing I don’t agree with is use of the word “foreign” in the PR. Can you clarify, what made you think it is foreign? and what do you exactly mean by foreign?
I did some hard thinking for myself and came to the conclusion that you may be referring to the money spent on the campaign by the Pakistani agencies that has certainly come in the form of ‘foreign aid’. Spending that aid money on citizen’s betterment and prosperity is the mission and underlying objective. It simply can’t be tax payers money that is being used on this huge media campaign. No one pays taxes, neither you nor I.

I have some suggestions: If you change the word ‘foreign’ to words like, real, original or Pakistani then the first paragraph of the PR statement will make more sense.

In the second paragraph you jump suddenly to Kashmir. Headline: “forgetting the blood of Kashmiris? ” In this you are questioning the Pakistan cricket team’s visit to India. You are thinking, Lala and his team member are playing on the tunes of “US gods”. Sorry, but this is a weak argument. There is no connection between the cricket team going to India with Kashmir and if there is, it doesn’t make sense to me and also to many who are cricket lovers and want the Pakistani cricket team to play no matter where it is. Thanks to you that our cricket stadium have turned into wedding halls but that is not what majority in Pakistan wants.
And here interestingly you are calling Ajmal Kasab your “shaheed”. This is mind boggling for me. In the first paragraph you alienate yourself from the “agencies” and in the second when it comes to Kashmir and India you support them by calling Ajmal Kasab “our shaheed”.
I think you are as confused as anyone else in Pakistan. You and your team needs to brainstorm before writing a PR and before taking responsibilities and credit for an evil action against the people of Pakistan. Learn from Obama, I know he is your enemy but trust me his media team is awesome.

In the P.S you shared your new gmail account. When are you starting your twitter handle? Or you are already tweeting with a pseudo name.

Here is the PR sent via email on Sat, Dec 22, 2012 8:39:02 AM

The PR

Arrival of a Foreign Actor in Pakistan.

Now a days a Business commercial by a foreign actor Mr Tahir ul Qadri is aired on Pakistani TV channels in which Mr Qadri acting a drama of Saving the Pakistani state.But Mr Qadri don’t know the fact that people of Pakistan has recognized him that he is a payroll of powers working to destroy this state.Mr qadri is working with foreign agenda & never could be a patriot, if he was a patriot then he would never has left Pakistan, and stayed here to serve the Muslim Nation.His arrival now is upon the orders of his Foreign gods and for accomplishment of their agenda.

Forgetting the Blood of Kashmiris?

Pakistani cricket team is due to visit India, while India is the one forbidding Kashmiri Muslim nation to freedom, and whose hands are soaked in blood of Muslims in Kashmir and inside India, they are also due to Pay for the blood of our hero, Shaheed Ajmal Qasab (may Allah Accept him).Visit of Pakistani team to India is a disgusting gesture.Pakistan’s government is doing all this on the orders of their god America & in fear of India.God willing mujahideen of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan will soon clear the debt of blood of Martyrs with India.

Note: we are going to switch to our new Email id please note it to you for any future correspondence.

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