I google hundered of things, words, sites but I never thought about google-ing my name. I have been indifferent about my name Annie. I know each and every detail of my name.  And since my childhood I am a lil bit particular about spellings of my name. It is A.N.N.I.E not A.N.Y. I corrected many people in all these years:) and they all have been kind enough in writing my name, the way it should be.

However,  this name of mine brought few strange questions and I noticed people changing tones while talking to me. Our landlord in Islamabad, a very polite man, was shocked to know that my real name is Qurratulain (like any other Annie in the sub-continent).  I tend to assume (always) that everyone knows who is Qurratulain Tahira or Qurratulain Hyder. And as later was nick named as Annie Apa , I inherited my nick name naturally too.  *Yes, you may call me a snob but I want people to have general knowledge.

It never occured to me that it can bring questions about my religious or sexual prefrences. As our landlord was telling me happily about his happiness over his discovery that I am not Annie the Christian, I am Annie the Qurratulain. Does it matter? *WUUTANG

Growing up in Pakistan with a name Annie was never a problem. No one questioned it. No one laughed at it and no one ever said IT’S DIRTY. In my Pakistan it was normal to have a nick name and to be known by it. There is hardly anyone who calls me Qurratulain. Annie is my name for Khas o Aam. But thanks to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for informing me and all the public that ANNIE is a vulgar name. It is name of the women in their fantasies. The women who takes men home and please them the way they want. My name is in the list of supposedly banned words. Ouuuch! *it hurts. It is same list , they are allegedly compiling with the ban on porn sites in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

My friend Taz Anjum was first one to reply:


they increased my vocab!!

I never knew so many dirty words existed

now ppl will use them in conversation rather than texting.”

Asmah Ahmed, another dear friend who can relate to what I am going through said:

“Honestly, can you imagine that people actually sat together and came up with the sickest ideas to compile this list? I bet most of us never heard (of) half or even more. I don’t even know how to react anymore! For the record, I still like your name very much and will continue to take it in public:P ”

And Tazeen Jay laughingly said on the phone “yar google your name”. We both giggled 😉

Ouuuch! I feel sick man.  I don’t have a heart to do it. I don’t wanna think about all those perverts who compiled this “dirty list”. All I can utter is CHUTIA, BARHAWEE, KHOTEE.

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4 Responses to ANNIE

  1. Ali says:

    hahahahahaha….believe is after reading first para of your post, i assume it’s me thinking about one of my friend Annie 😀 , she’s gem of girl and now i start teasing her with her name…..thanks to PTA (As you said) but indeed as i said in my post on my blog ( they must’ve got some sick mind that enabled them to compile a list of such words that we hardly heard in our life. or must be imported from our neighbour 😛

  2. Tazeen Anjum says:

    Very Annie… always honestly sad at the sad affairs of our *state*

  3. Tazeen says:

    Honestly, I too googled your name and there was nothing objection worthy.

  4. Kamni says:

    Annie.. wah bhi wah… kiya research hay PTI walon ka … lol.. i was laughing away reading this post.. Annie you are too funny, we must meet soon once you’re back from Bonn.. hugs and kisses Annie.. (not thinking naughty things right now whilst writing your name)

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