Isloo week-ends

I look at the right event invitation bar on my FB page. There are three events happening in Bonn on the same date and on the same weekend. It’s been almost three months now. I am back in the land of pure but my weekends belong to somewhere else.

My new city, Islamabad looks cold and calm from outside but it’s warm and happening, once you know it. We (me and Thomas) are lucky enough to have friends and family here. If we want tips about shopping and organic food or exploring old hiking routes, we have Naghma Khala. She is roaming in the city since late 60s. One of those who developed many routes and could talk for hours fondly about the town Islamabad. However, Islamabad has become Isloo now and it’s no more a town that Naghma Khala grew up with. It is a city now. Yes, a city without a cinema and an airport. But it does have “The Rock”.  An amphitheater for the local musicians.(the local musicians thank Kamran Lashari for this) Entry is free but you are only entertained if you come with a “reference”. I asked one of our friends behind it, Zeejah. He replied, “yar, we welcome everyone as long as they are friends with our friends or we know them through some reference.” I personally didn’t understand his logic but that’s the fun and mystery behind Isloo and Isloo weekends.

This weekend on Saturday night we decided to go to Kuch Khaas, a private cultural center on the Margalla Road. A drug and alcohal free zone but open for all. Overload, Pakistan’s loudest rock band was playing there. A rock concert in the capital was too much fun to be explained in words. The masti we had could only be felt. Around 500 young and old Isloowallas were enjoying electronic and dhool fusion. The girls in Hijab, army wallas without uniforms, fashionites in stiletto heels and the boys in beards all were banging their heads on “Batti”, “Neeray Aah” and asking for More.

Isloo rock concert

Farhad Humayoon and Nasir Sain. Rock Concert at Kuch Khaas

I hope Overload was loud  enough to be heard by the policy makers at the Constitution Avenue.

More about Isloo weekends soon. Until next weekend, ciao!

And for friends in Bonn: Party hard and trust me you are missing good fun and Isloo nights.

P.S I missed telling you about Friday night at H 2. But that story will be narrated soon. Let it be a mystery like Isloo and more about Islamabadi weekends soon!

P.P.S We are going to Masud and Uzma’s place tonight. Wil introduce you to them soon.

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