my world has changed

Love gardens are smaller now. Don’t they? I questioned Javed Y-zai, a friend from my university days. He looked back and replied calmly, “you have seen bigger places that is why this looks smaller to you now”. I noded “yes” and thought for a second, how do our worldview changes? how people and places grow bigger or smaller? Our perspective about life and others depends on our own exposure and vision.

10 years ago when I visited the campus with my mother in 2001, campus looked like a jungle to me. Like many other students with an urban background I found it difficult to live in but eventually fell in love with the campus.

A walk from hostel 5 to Antro department was the longest walk I walked until then. There were no barriers or gates outside the girl’s hostel or the Social Scinces Canteen. The Mosque outside the boy’s hostel was not bigger than two rooms and now they have blocked the road that goes to the hostel. University is growing smaller and the mosque is getting bigger.

University Road is still called University Road but it is blocked for the University students and teachers. Why? because it leads to Diplomatic Enclave. To be more exact the US embassy is on the University road. Before Sept 11, we were allowed to use this road and it was one of the most beautiful routes from Islamabad city to the suburbs.

I didn’t dare walk into the Anthro or IR department. Yes, I didn’t have the courage to look at the empty corridors. I did look at the triangluar (Titanic style) balcony and thought about the love birds, Lubna and Sikandar.

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2 Responses to my world has changed

  1. Javed says:

    Annie since my iphone was only a day old when we met last week, all the snaps that I took with the phone are not there 😦
    NEver mind, I am there at the UNi whenever I happen to visit islamabad so will make an effort to send you pics.
    Nice Notes thou.

  2. Awesome!
    Your writing style is very touch of nature. It explores the mindset of students in QU who they are completely changed and have become madrasa Talibs. As 4 bigger mosques are built push campus size smaller. They aren’t demanding social and natural sciences anymore, mullahs are enough teaching them Saudia imported ideology. A week before I argued with a friend who was an ex-fan of council. That every activity is allowed in Campus except liberal secular thoughts and preaching. Very soon you’ll hear that QU is given the status of Lal madrasa.

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