I went throuh my album of Sorag-e-Zameen and felt like flying back there. Beautiful faces and spacious hearts, Habib Jalib, Abid Mir and Siraj…Jogizai girls and Quetta, I miss them all.

Sitting on a big comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room with 24/7 electricity and wifi is only making me comfortably numb.

Look at him, he also looks comfortably numb or? I think his eyes tell the tale. What do you think?

When he goes for a stroll, this is what he sees every where in the town. To counter these men in khaki unifrom he asked his mother to give him his old Baloch Shalwar and took out the old rusty gun from the box that was hidden under the bed for years and years. Look at his eyes again…don’t you think, he is telling it all?

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