will Prayers get him back?

From A to Z, from Musharraf Zaidi to Bakhtawar Bhutto, from Punjab CM to Pakistani PM everyone is praying for safe return of Shahbaz Taseer, son of late Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Late Taseer was killed early this year by his security guard after he called for justice to a Chiristian woman, Asia Bibi, charged under Blasphemy law. And here I am sitting in my drawing room, living in the virtual world and wondering, will prayers work for the young Taseer?

Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped in the broad day light form Hussain Chowk in Gulberg, Lahore. He was driving his (read his late fathers’) Mercedes. The kidnappers came in a black Land Cruiser. No one knows what was the number plate/registration no. Pakistani media are focused on the car company and model than on registration number. The kidnappers threw his Ipad, Iphone and two other phones on the road and they also left his billion dollar worth car. They only took Shahbaz along…why?

Anas Abas, a Pakistani blogger based in the UK updated his status saying, “Shahbaz Taseer was abducted by Jaish e Muhammad Group from Lahore Today. The strategy is to pressurize the family to drop charges on Mumtaz Qadri the killer of Salman Taseer. Mumtaz Qadri is a free bird anyway since there is no Judge even ready to take his case. Mumtaz is a highly revered Jerk just like his demented idol Ghazi Illumuddin Shaheed”

Express Tribune’s blogger Jahanzeb Haque detest the kidnapping in his blog “Shahbaz Taseer kidnapped, and a scream that never ends”: What a sad state of affairs – the screams in my head will not stop today, or for many more days. I go online hoping beyond hope to find some meaning in this madness – to connect to some of my fellow people.”

Jahanzb Haque is terrified and mentioned few status updates of his Facebook friends about kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer.

“There are already comments welling up under articles being shared on Shahbaz Taseer’s abduction. This is what I read pock-marked among messages of shock and dismay:

Wajahat Ali Khan Wow! 1 Secular abducted (Updated on Media) 10,000+ Faithful Muslims abducted (No Update on Media) ET; You are failed. (22 people like this)

Azhar Haleem Raja its realy bad bt 1 thing there are 100′s of people kidnaped daily alas never heard of those poor felows bt a rich kidnaped n media z barking (13 people like this)

Shahiq Ali What do we know he was probably kidnapped by his girlfriend 😉 (11 people like this)

Xalvi Xalviz All media now following this. Media is biased. Normal citizen insaan nahi hotay? Tab koi Ku nahi headlines deta (1 person likes this)”

Many bloggers and twitteratis are avoiding to speculate. However, few among them are pointing their fingers at the right wing organizations that supports Qadri, the killer of late Salman Taseer.

Blogger Tazeen Jay questions and raised a serious question in her blog “A Reluctant Mind”,”If a rich and well connected (they have connections with the men in two of the most powerful houses of the country; Presidency and PM House) family like Taseers is facing so much grief vis-à-vis security, rule of law and justice in the country, imagine the plight of a common man. Be it Karachi or Jamrud, the Taseers or any other poor family, the state is failing its citizens again and again and is doing it with impunity.”

Looking at the recent and past record of the Punjab Police. There is a little hope that Shahbaz Taseer will be found soon. But hoping against hope, I join the collective prayer for his safe and early return.


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