She enters the house and feels a strange emotion running all around her. She opens the main door and crosses the main lobby that leads to the living room. Everything is same, picture of her 10 year old nephew is still hanging with all it’s glory on the right wall next to the window that opens in the veranda. The wall sized wooden bookshelf of Abu Jaan is also standing there. All the books are peeping out from the glass doors of the wooden frames. The floral floor, her Bare Aba designed is still there as a reminisence of good old days.

She enters the green room, the one that belonged to her and saw her portrait. It was taken when she was five. Ami Jan was pregnant with her youngest sister and Aba Jan took her for this photo shoot along with her elder siblings. How clearly she remembers each and every detail. She wonders and moves towards the wardrobe, which was her favourite part of her bedroom. The door size mirror is still there and she sees her reflection in it. Everything is same in this place except her. That strange emotion again hits her and she feels strongly once again, she is a misfit…
(to be continued)


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