the divide between Haves and Havenots is growing bigger and bigger in the Islamic republic. You can go and see any big shopping mall in Isloo or La-hore and you see women and men elbowing each other, trying to buy everything possible in Metro, Al-Fatah, Shaheen etc. They wear clean and colorful clothes.It seems all the people in the country are happy and affluent but this dream stays only within these big malls or designer air conditioned shops. The moment you step out of this bubble, you can see a small child wearing dirty torn clothes. He pulls your trousers, your duppatta or whatever is in his reach. He asks for 10-20 rupees. Allah ke naam par 20 rupee de do (give 20 rs for the name of allah). *a snob friend of mine says, even the beggars have raised their standards* Earlier the beggars used to be less on the streets and ask for one rupee for the name of Allah. Now you can’t wait on the traffic signal. They attack from all sides. *I’ll post some pictures soon. Some beautiful faces. When I wink at them, they wink back;) some kids even take their tongues out and wave:)

No one thinks where these kids come from. Why the number is growing every day? I guess the policy makers are too busy shopping in the big malls.


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