On my way to the land of pure

I finally took Gulf Air instead of PIA. Many friends suggested me not to take GA- I usually take Abu-Dhabi-Lahore Etihad connection but this time I chose Bahrain-Islamabad. Ohh boy! You start getting the impressions of Pakistan at the Bahrain airport lounges. Plastic shopping bags, men and women creating their own segregated areas in the lounge. Men staring at you as if they have nothing else to do than to scrutinize you from head to toe.

Pakistanis are in big number in Bahrain. They have been working there for decades now, mainly recruited in the security forces. They don’t care much, what is happening in Bahrain? How majority Shia community is treated by the King and his loyalist? They care only about the strong currency in Bahrain. I got a lecture by a Pakistani about the worth and value of Bahraini Dinar. He was also waiting for his flight to the US. I was also shocked to pay app. 8 Euro for my coffee @ Costa.

One shopkeeper from Hyderabad, India told me proudly that in Bahrain the Shia majority is not hired for official jobs. I asked him “why?” and he replied: “oh they create lot of problem for the King.”

The “King” kept haunting me throughout my time in the airport: from the immigration office to the Chillis restaurant his face was pasted everywhere. It was too loud.


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